The University of Nottingham is committed to fostering an environment that values and respects all members of the university community. We expect everyone to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the values of inclusivity, fairness and respect.

The purpose of the Student Code of Discipline is to provide a framework for addressing behaviour that is not in line with these values. It is essential that students familiarise themselves with the Student Code of Discipline and the associated regulations.

The Code of Discipline applies to all students, including those on taught and research courses, undergraduates, postgraduates and apprentices and it is your responsibility to be familiar with expectations of the code and the regulations.

You should also read information brought to your attention by the university, schools/departments and faculties (e.g. in the Student Handbook, course handbooks or on school/departmental websites).

The University of Nottingham aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone, doing everything we can to ensure our campuses are inclusive places to study and work. As with any community, however, issues can arise and we want to support staff and students in being able to report these.

If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed an incident, you can tell us anonymously or ask to speak to an advisor. Speaking to an advisor does not necessarily mean that you are making a formal report to the university but it will enable you to access the support you need to make an informed decision.

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Standards of behaviour

Expected standards of behaviour

The Student Code of Discipline provides information on the expected standards of behaviour for all students at the University of Nottingham. These expectations include:

  • behaving in a manner that shows respect to all members of the community, both at the university and more broadly, creating an inclusive environment
  • ensuring behaviour doesn’t interfere with the activities of the university or any of its community
  • understanding what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable at the university and abiding by the standards set out
  • understanding the potential impact of your behaviour on others

The Code of Discipline also sets out the disciplinary process that may be undertaken for any concerns arising about a student’s behaviour, where this potentially breaches the code.

Unacceptable behaviour

We have included some examples of unacceptable behaviours here, but this is not an exhaustive list and the university is able to initiate disciplinary procedures in a range of circumstances that may not be detailed here:

  • Abusive or offensive behaviour, including harassment, bullying and victimisation
  • Sexual misconduct
  • The use of physical violence, offensive or threatening behaviour
  • Supply, use, possession or cultivation of any illegal substances
  • Committing a criminal offence on university premises or that affects other members of the university community, damages property or the university’s reputation
  • Misuse, or unauthorised use of university premises, equipment or property
  • Disruption, improper interference or obstruction to university activities, functions and duties
  • Possession, misuse or discharge of a weapon outside of approved places
  • Breaching a university regulation, procedure or policy, or failing to comply with a penalty

Disciplinary action may include the university taking immediate action to safeguard staff, students or others; a formal investigation of the allegations; and presentation to a Senate Disciplinary Committee.

Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour

If a student has been found to have breached the Student Code of Discipline, there are a range of sanctions that may be imposed, including:

  • Placing conditions such as limiting access to specific activities, parts of the university and not having contact with named individuals
  • Paying compensation for damage caused
  • Fines
  • A formal warning
  • Suspension from the university
  • Expulsion from the university