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Student code of discipline

The University expects students to treat all members of the University community with respect. 

Regulations on conduct are necessary because the University is a society in which good standards of communal life must be maintained, so that all its members may enjoy conditions enabling them to achieve their aims in joining it. 

The University has a series of regulations related to student conduct and it is essential that all students familiarise themselves with the regulations and the University's expectations of them in terms of behaviour.  Whether you are a taught-course or a research student, it is your responsibility to consult and be familiar with regulations, which include rules on non-academic behaviour and academic conduct. You should also read information brought to your attention by the University, schools/departments and faculties (e.g. in the Student Handbook, course handbooks or on school/departmental websites).

For more information on the processes relating to student conduct and discipline, please select from the links below. 


Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Code of Discipline PDF (version from 1 August 2021)

Code of Discipline PDF (version from 1 January 2020)

Code of Discipline PDF (version to 31 December 2019) - tbc

Rules of Procedure relating to the Senate Disciplinary Committee Hearing

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Policy on Communications with Third Parties

Unacceptable Behaviour Policy 

Fitness to Practise Procedures

Academic Misconduct Policy

Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics

Guidance and documents related to the Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Code of Discipline for Students; A guide for University of Nottingham students

Disciplinary Appeal form





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