An academic appeal is a way for a student to request a review of a decision made by an academic body at the university. If you’re a student looking to submit an appeal, it’s important that you read both the Academic Appeals Policy and the Academic Appeals Procedure, as these set out important information about the process. Different procedures apply at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

The Academic Appeals Policy explains who can use the appeals process, what decisions can be appealed against (right to appeal) and what circumstances need to apply for an appeal to be considered (grounds for appeal).

The Academic Appeals Procedure sets out how to submit an appeal, the timescales that apply to the appeals process, how appeals are considered and what happens at the end of the process.


Support with an appeal

If you’re submitting an appeal and need some advice, or you’re awaiting your appeal outcome and would like some help understanding the process, we recommend speaking to Students’ Union Advice who offer a free, impartial service to support you.

We also have a guide to completing the appeal form, which includes explanations of the different rights and grounds that apply to appeals, as well as information about the sort of evidence that is often submitted as part of an appeal.