Nottinghamshire Autism Police Partnership

Nottinghamshire Autism Police Partnership

The Nottinghamshire Autism Police Partnership (NAPP) is a group of autistic individuals, police officers and academics from across the UK. It is an interdisciplinary group established by researchers in the School of Law and School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham.

Our research aims to improve the support of autistic individuals in police custody and the criminal justice system through changes to practice, the custody environment and policy. The NAPP meet on a regular basis to identify key priority areas and collaborate on current research projects.


Relaxing the lockdown: Updated resources for police officers and autistic people

The Government has started to relax the Health Protection Regulations introduced in March to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Nottingham Autism Police Partnership produced guidance for police officers and autistic people at the start of the lockdown on the new Regulations and the possible effect this could have on autistic people.

We have now updated these resources. The guidance for police explains what autism is and the possible effects of relaxing the lockdown on autistic people. In particular we are concerned that unclear social rules could create heightened anxiety for autistic people and it is important for officers to be aware of the need to communicate clearly to reduce anxiety.

We have also updated our visual resource for autistic people to clarify that it is now legal to go out as many times a day as you need to, that you can meet up with other households outside your home, and that you can form a bubble with one other household who can visit your home.

We have also produced a visual resource to explain the rules on wearing face-masks on public transport.

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Latest news

Autism and Policing: A project update

On 17 December 2020, Dr Chloe Holloway organised an online event to provide updates on the autism and policing project led by the University of Nottingham.
18 December 2020

Justice and the autistic person (Autism Jersey 2019)

On 6 November, Dr Chloe Holloway was invited to speak at the 'Justice and the Autistic Person' professionals conference in Jersey.
08 November 2019


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