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Justice and the autistic person (Autism Jersey 2019)

On 6 November, Dr Chloe Holloway was invited to speak at the 'Justice and the Autistic Person' professionals conference in Jersey. The event was organised by Autism Jersey.

The theme of the conference was the interaction of autistic individuals with various parts of the criminal justice system and how criminal justice professionals can improve their services.

Dr Holloway spoke about her research to improve the support of autistic individuals in police custody. She highlighted findings from her PhD research which illustrated the negative experiences of autistic individuals in police custody and the need to improve support through changes to practice, the custody environment and policy. Dr Holloway also outlined the work of the Nottinghamshire Autism Police Partnership (NAPP) to facilitate changes across police forces in the UK. She showcased the autism training package co-produced by the NAPP and their work to make custody suites more autism friendly through accessible design.

The session was attended by various criminal justice professionals based in Jersey.

Posted on Friday 8th November 2019

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