Biobehavioural Approaches to Health

Current projects

Understanding the psychological predictors of engagement with rehabilitation following stroke 

Navneet Aujla

Navneet talks about "illness beliefs" and how they can affect people recovering from stroke. Her PhD is in Primary Care and Rehabilitation & Ageing.


Examining the psychological and biological determinants of emotional well-being and treatment success in IVF

Adam Massey

Adam talks about his research into what impact distress has on IVF treatment outcome. His PhD is in Primary Care and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.



Other projects include:

  • Identifying the psychological predictors of treatment choice in localised prostate cancer
  • Improving quality and safety in the hospital: the link between organisational culture, burnout and quality of care
  • Development of behavioural interventions to improve the effectiveness of vaccines.

Biobehavioural Approaches to Health Research Group

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