Biobehavioural Approaches to Health

Biobehavioural Approaches to Health research group


Our research examines how treating both the patient and their disease can improve health and healthcare.

--Kavita Vedhara
Professor of Health Psychology


Research issues

The work of this group focuses on patients' psychological and behavioural responses to the detection and treatment of disease. Our work in this area includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The psychological and behavioural consequences of early disease detection (e.g. Cancer).
  2. Optimising the effectiveness of treatments through behavioural adjuvants
  3. Enhancing patient engagement (e.g. in trials) and adherence with treatment.

What we are doing about these

Evaluating the emotional and behavioural consequences of early cancer detection (with Denise Kendrick). 

Exploring psychological predictors of engagement with treatment and treatment outcomes (current projects in prostate cancer, stroke, kidney disease and in vitro fertilisation). 

Examining the effects of bio-behavioural interventions on disease and treatment outcomes (current projects in prostate cancer, diabetes and preventative vaccines)

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Our recent publications

Our research has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals. See our individual staff profiles to find out more.  See a list of our recent key 







Biobehavioural Approaches to Health Research Group

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