Updates on our Exhibit



  • The University of Nottingham’s Next Generation Biomaterial Discovery Programme Grant has been awarded a stand at this year's prestigious Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019. 
  • We are excited to showcase our work to the general public to inform and enthuse them in the innovative and exciting area of biomaterials research.
  • Our activities will include showing the public how much bacteria could be transferred to their hands using UV fluorescent lotion, seeing how fast participants can destroy bacteria biofilms on medical devices using "antibiotic" air guns, as well as letting visitors experiment with different materials to see how new biomaterials can help fight infection.
  • Also coming soon will be our animated video, showing how new biomaterials work and the impact they could have. 
  • Keep up to date with our progress and news with this page, but also on our Instagram (superbio_materials) and on twitter (@AMHTGroup)
  • The team have been working hard at finalising the activities and stand for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and we are excited to share it with everyone!
  • The Great Greeting Experiment! During the exhibit you can take part in our real-life experiment using glowing powder and UV lights, as we measure which common greetings like high fives and hand shakes transfer the most amount of bacteria.
  • RACE! You can learn about different materials and how well they repel bacteria, as well as race your friends to see who can clear our tubes of bacteria the fastest to win a prize!
  • Win your own fluffy microbe teddy! Just look out for our comic strips at our stall to enter!


Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery

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