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I am a mechanical engineer from Bari, Italy. I have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari and a MSc, still in Mechanical Engineering, from the Polytechnic of Turin. In my master's thesis, conducted at KTH, Stockholm, as exchange student, I worked on the synergistic effect of Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing. It was a collaboration with the Formula SAE at KTH.

After my graduation I had some working experiences in Germany, Spain and Italy. I also attended a Postgraduate Degree in Additive Manufacturing at Polytechnic of Turin.

In my free time I like running and learning foreign languages. I also enjoy listening to music and watching basketball matches.

Expertise Summary

My specialization at University is Production engineering and management.

I have academic experiences of engineering tools (CAD, CAM, FEM, CFD), prototyping, production planning and control, additive manufacturing. In my master's thesis I analyzed topology optimization software and applied the most reliable ones to get a lighter component in order to 3D print it.

I attended a Postgraduate Degree in additive manufacturing, where I attended courses and worked for a partner company. I worked on several tasks: maintenance, production support, safety, warehouse, supply chain.

Other roles I worked on were: performance engineer, 3D printing remote support engineer, production supervisor.

Past Research

Analysis of HV units' refurbishment loop with focus on lead times and maintenance procedures (Postgraduate degree's thesis)

Evaluation of design and optimization software for AM with focus on topology optimization (Master's thesis)

CFD analysis of the synergistic effect of two coupled Darrieus rotors (Bachelor's thesis)

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