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Geoffrey Rivers

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering



Geoff has a Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, Canada, where he also earned his Masters of Applied Science, Materials. For his Master's degree, Geoff studied the microstructure evolution and resulting fatigue behavior of as-forged magnesium alloy. He later earned a doctorate in Nanotechnology, through the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department of the University of Waterloo, Canada. His doctoral research focused on conductive adhesives based on silver micro- and nano-particles in epoxy resins, investigating the relationship between filler composition, curing behavior, and the resulting conductivity, as well as investigating the synthesis and processing behaviors of the novel silver nano-particles of interest. Geoff then completed a joint-appointment post doctoral position at the University of Waterloo, performing low-TRL research into a variety of composites and polymers for functional materials, and also performing investigations into failures of Transparent Armor Laminate structures caused by environmental aging from a structure-process-property perspective. As a Research Associate in the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, he is now investigating the interface and interphase behaviors in Additive Manufacturing to attain microstructure control and produce AM-enabled macroscale functional materials.

Expertise Summary

Dr. Rivers' career interests include structure-process-property relationships of nanocomposites and nanoparticles, nanoparticle synthesis, nanoparticle joining and oriented attachment, thermoset curing, the glass transition, and their relationship to material properties. He is interested in work ranging from fundamental characterization to high-level device design and manufacture, and has experience with optical and electron microscopy, calorimetry, dynamic mechanical analysis, electrical characterization, viscometry and rheology, surface tension measurement, and formulating new composite concepts.

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