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Luke Parry

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Dr Luke Parry is an Assistant Professor in Additive Manufacturing of Functional Materials at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing.

Dr Parry joined the CfAM group at Notttingham in 2013 to pursue a PhD in Additive Manufacturing. The doctoral research was focused on investigation the generation of residual stress generated in the Selective Laser Melting (L-PBF) process using non-linear thermo-mechanical finite element modeling techniques. Following completion of the PhD, in 2017, Dr Parry joined as a Research Engineer at Added Scientific, an AM research consultancy. This included a variety of consultancy project and participating in an Innovate UK Project - FLAC focused on commercialisation of AM lattice generationsoftware. In 2018, Dr Parry joined Leonardo Electronics, UK, to gain further industrial experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering within the Applied Research group developing next-generation laser systems. Other responsibilities include applying and helping drive adoption of AM technologies, process, materials and design and simulation methodologies within the business and supporting digitalisation initiatives including the use of Digital Twins approaches within the engineering team. After 3 years, Dr Parry returned to the CfAM to pursue more fundamental research into new approaches in AM and within one year was appointed the permanent academic post.

Expertise Summary

Broad industrial experience and expertise for the applied use and adoption of Additive Manufacturing technologies, process, materials and design and simulation methodologies in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Technical expertise is numerical modeling and the use of non-linear finite element methods and codes for multi-physics approaches for the simulation of designs and Additive Manufacturing processes. Comprehensive knowledge and industrial experience exploiting the opportunities of Metal Additive Manufacturing. Selective Laser Melting process, in particular modeling the thermo-mechanical response generating within the process, and Design for AM (DfAM) methodologies to exploit design freedoms available.

Novel tool path generation and algorithm development for both geometric design tools for the creation of new AM designs and approaches to its producing using AM technologies. In particular experience in developing tools for the generation of Triply-Periodic-Minimal-Surface lattice structures.

Use of modeling approaches towards the generation of multi-physics frameworks in the use of supporting Digital Twins in Industrial environments.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Currently a research fellow on the QUADPORS project - a multidisciplinary collaborative project between partner Universities to investigate the use of multi-material Additive Manufacturing porous structures to reduce acoustic emissions - and improve aerodynamic performance on aerofoils beneficial across many industrial uses, including energy generation, aerospace and domestic uses.

My current research is into multi-material '4D Printing' of 'smart materials' for the creation of novel self-actuating and self-sensing programmable structures that have the ability to respond to external stimuli autonomously and extrinsically to achieve a change in its properties, hence, function. The project will exploit the use Drop-on-Demand techniques, such as Inkjet, available at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing to produce multi-material structures that can be intelligently designs, simulated and programmed to deliver an approach for creating smart-structures that interact with airflow to modify its aero-acoustic dynamics.

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