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Veterinary Clinical Research Theme

CT scan of a dogs stifles

Key aims and expertise

The Clinical Research Theme brings together clinicians working at the affiliate practices who are primarily responsible for the health and welfare of a diverse range of species, from cats and dogs to horses, sheep, cattle, and primates.

Within the theme, the School is developing a veterinary tissue Biobank to facilitate collection of residual clinical material from diagnostic investigations and surgery, such as ovaries, tumours, blood and synovial fluid samples. The samples are obtained with owner consent, and then made available to researchers. 

Current projects

Much of the clinical research is patient-oriented, studying mechanisms of disease, and potential therapies through clinical trials. Research interests include investigating the epidemiology of diseases within specific populations of owned animals, and understanding how owners and vets make decisions relating to the health and welfare of their animals.

Clinicians are ideally placed to facilitate translational research, and are at the forefront of the 'One Health' initiate, through collaborations with basic scientists.  Current collaborations include the study of the comparative oncology of osteosarcoma, melanoma and mammary cancer, electrolyte changes and anaemia in cats with heart failure, and the biomechanics of locomotion.

Current PhDs:

  • An evaluation of anatomy teaching in the veterinary curriculum
  • Veterinary communication skills training: Current state, perceived importance, and unmet needs
  • The genetic basis of canine cardiomyopathy

Current DVM:

  • An investigation into great ape mortality and cardiovascular disease

Current clinical trials:

  • SEISICAT Study - Safety and efficacy investigation of spironolactone in cats with congestive heart failure secondary to cardiomyopathy. A double-blind, randomised, prospective, placebo-controlled, multicenter, clinical study.
  • Commercial Canine Mobility Diet Trial

Recently awarded PhDs:

  • Establishment of methods for extracting and analysing patient data from electronic practice management software systems used in first opinion veterinary practice in the UK.
  • Use of sentinel practices to obtain data regarding common clinical conditions and presentations in small animal consultations

Recently awarded Masters:

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease (CCLD) in the Canine and the Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO)

Recently awarded clinical diploma dissertation:

  • Transient collapse in dogs and cats in a cardiorespiratory referral population

Significant results


New book published in "Companion Animal Ethics (UFAW Animal Welfare)" 








Veterinary Clinical Research Theme

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