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Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative - ProPound

ProPound unites two cross-sector industry leaders with innovation from academia and the composites industry to drive down manufacturing cost, energy usage and process time in the production of lightweight high-end out-of-autoclave infused thermoset carbon composite products. Partners will develop a UK wide supply chain capability which is not currently available in the UK for use in performance vehicles and aircraft nacelles, both products which require surface precision for aerodynamic performance and the highest quality aesthetic finish.

A common challenge both sectors face is the use of traditional high energy, technology processes which trade lightweight material for increased weight in favour of reduced unit cost; ProPound innovation replaces production methods which are multi-step, high labour content and process intensive. The project team combines aerospace and automotive capability and knowledge with innovative methods of carbon fibre placement, in low-cost textile fabrics and high-temperature moulding which will produce lighter components at a higher production volume and rate with spill-over technology use in marine and rail.

Project: ProPound

Principal Investigator: Peter Schubel

Co-Investigator: Nick Warrior

Sector: Aerospace



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