Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)


Irim Fiaz

PhD Researcher in surface treatment for thermal plant components for high temperature applications


The goal of this PhD project is to improve the performance and life span of components used in power plants by means of surface treatment and coatings to understand the failure mechanisms induced by thermal cycling, corrosion and wear. The range of surface treatments includes involves deposition through novel suspension plasma spray for high temperature components. Current materials used for coating the coatings is Stellite 6. This material will be investigated further and other suitable materials reduce spallation tendencies and avoid corrosion and wear. The coatings are characterised through appropriate microstructural analysis involved in metallographically including high resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction techniques. A testing rig will be designed to understand the coatings performance under real life service conditions.

Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

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