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Porosity Evolution On Suspension Thermal Sprayed TBCs

Daniel Tejero’s work on the evolution of porosity on TBCs sprayed using suspension thermal spray (SHVOF), using image analysis and neutron scattering is now published in the Journal of the European Ceramic Society. This paper, published Open Access and free for everyone to read, presents a detailed view at porosity with a size between 1 nm to 10 µm. The effects of high temperature exposure on the pore size distribution, morphology and total porosity are investigated through a combination of widely used SEM image analysis and novel small and ultra-small angle neutron scattering (SANS and USANS). The results are correlated with the phase transformations detected, as well as the change in physical properties of the coatings, such as micro-hardness, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of porosity on heat treated suspension thermal sprayed TBCs.


To read this paper, click here.

Posted on Friday 9th July 2021

Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

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