Centre for the Study of the Viking Age
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The Centre is involved in various types of events, including:

  • workshops for local primary schools in our Vikings and Anglo-Saxons for Schools project
  • organising the annual Midlands Viking Symposium in conjunction with the Universities of Birmingham and Leicester. This is a one-day conference on current research aimed at anyone who is interested
  • our intermittent Norse and Viking Seminar, which provides a forum for academic discussion
  • organising one-off conferences such as The Viking World (2016)
  • regular reading and discussion groups

Upcoming events

  • Plants and Prayers Exhibition - Health And Healing Before 1700
    30/03/2023 - 03/09/2023
    Healing is what makes us human – but concepts of health and methods of healing have changed much over time. This exhibition explores medicine, care, and healing before 1700 and some of the changes that led to the development of medicine as we know it today. Healthcare in the past was not just the domain of the physician: priests to apothecaries to barbers all provided different forms of care. Medical manuscripts and books tell us about diseases, treatments, the relationship between healer and patient, and the lengths to which people went to find cures.This exhibition has been jointly curated by University of Nottingham Libraries, Manuscripts and Special Collections and Dr Christina Lee, School of English, University of Nottingham, and Dr Erin Connelly, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick.
  • Plants and Prayers Gallery Tour
    Join us for a guided walkthrough of the Plants and Prayers exhibition and learn about the stories behind the items on display.


You can find out more about past events organised by the CSVA and its members in our events archive.

Seminars and reading groups

Photograph of a carved horse surrounded by a ring of carved runes on a large stone from Nova Scotia.

Old English reading group

Regular reading group studying texts in Old English

Woodcut (black and white drawing) depicting Viking raid, with a Viking longboat in the middle surrounded by warriors.


Old Norse reading group for members, staff, and PGR students

Photograph of a roughly triangular stone with a helmet and a row of runes curved on the flat face of the rock.

Norse and Viking seminars

Guest scholars are regularly invited to our seminars


Public outreach events

Photo with young bog wearing a helmet and holding an axe in the foreground while two older volunteers stand behind

Events for schools

We offer different setups tailored to the individual school’s needs

Young woman in red dress points with a long stick at a screen behind, while in the foreground are the backs of people watching the presentation

Midlands Viking Symposium

Our students and staff present each year at the Symposium



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