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The CSVA's many years of exciting inter-disciplinary research have led to the development of a wide range of useful resources.

A selection of these are available below.

Vikings in the East Midlands

This virtual museum tells a regional story of Viking culture with artefacts and designs from the Viking Age in the East Midlands, and information about local place-names which were given at the time in the Scandinavian language of the Vikings. We also highlight some Viking personal names from the region and how to write them in runes.

Viking knotwork in red, white and black with 'Vikings in the East Midlands' written in white across the top.

Visit the Vikings in the East Midlands virtual museum.


Languages, Myths and Finds publications

Languages, Myths and Finds: Translating Norse and Viking Cultures for the 21st Century was an AHRC-funded Collaborative Skills Development programme that ran from 2013-14. It was developed for PhD students and early career researchers by a consortium of the Universities of Cambridge, Nottingham and Oxford, alongside the British Museum.

The participants produced five booklets exploring the Viking heritage of the following areas in Britain and Ireland. These booklets can be downloaded as pdfs below: 

  1. Cleveland
  2. Dublin
  3. Isle of Lewis
  4. Isle of Man
  5. Munster

Find out more about the project


The Battle of Brunanburh revisited

View a selection of recordings from this special seminar on the Battle of Brunanburh below, featuring Paul Cavill, Michael Wood, and Alex Woolf.

Paul Cavill
(University of Nottingham)

Michael Wood
(broadcaster and historian)

Alex Woolf
(University of St Andrews)



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