Centre for Research on Cuba

About us

The Centre for Research on Cuba is based at the University of Nottingham and works in several ways: it brings together postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers whose work is related to Cuba. It is home to the Hennessy Collection, which is a unique open shelf archive of resources from and about Cuba, located in the Trent Building, University Park; and it hosts a series of annual events, including an annual conference, a research seminar programme and a postgraduate workshop.

In addition, we have recently secured the contract for an exclusive book series, "Decolonising Cuba: Dialogues from and with Cuba" alongside Peter Lang. The book series will include 3 monographs and/or edited books on Cuba, in Spanish or English every year. Please contact Professor Par Kumaraswami if you are interested in submitting a proposal or manuscript.

Key aims and expertise

Key aims

  • Develop and enhance the expertise of the Centre as a leading academic institution for research on Cuba
  • Manage the Cuba Research Forum and its conferences and postgraduate workshops, and to seek to enhance its growth on, or in, Cuba
  • Encourage by various means the greater academic and public knowledge of modern and contemporary Cuba, through the activities of the Centre and the Forum, by making resources more widely available, and by publication of appropriate materials
  • Continue to attract high-quality postgraduate students to research in the Centre, and to seek to accommodate any suitably qualified applicant for postgraduate research on Cuba

Staff expertise

The staff associated with the Centre for Research on Cuba cover in their research and teaching a range of academic disciplines including:

  • built environment
  • child health
  • cultural studies
  • history
  • international law
  • medicine and health sciences

Similarly, they have successfully supervised - and currently supervise - postgraduate research on Cuba in an even wider range of disciplines and subjects:

  • 19th- and 20th-century
  • history
  • archaeology
  • cinema
  • cultural studies (cultural and intellectual history)
  • education
  • literature
  • politics

Centre for Research on Cuba

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