Centre for Research on Cuba

Finding Cuba: an exhibition of contemporary Cuban art and culture

B1 Trent Building, Hennessy Collection
Wednesday 13th (09:00) - Thursday 14th December 2017 (17:00)
Email: antoni.kapcia@nottingham.ac.uk 

Centre for Research on Cuba presents

Finding Cuba

A micro exibition of art works brought to the UK from Cuba by the artist Irene Rogan, following a research visit to explore contemporary Cuban art and culture, and to foment an exchange between Cuban and British artists. The works are a small sample of current contemporary art in Cuba by both young and more established artists. Irene Rogan’s work involves a collaboration producing photography and a short film.

The exhibition is made up of 11 framed works, two oil on canvas paintings, by seven Cuban artists and one British artist (Irene Rogan).  The contributing artists are two painters, two mixed-media artists, one documentary filmmaker, one photographer and one poet. 

We will also be screening a documentary entitled Mascara, by Pablo Massip, an internationally awarded filmmaker.

All welcome.

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