Centre for Research on Cuba

Seminars focussed on Cuba are part of the extensive Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America Studies postgraduate seminar series.



  • Dr Teishan Latner (Thomas Jefferson University): Fugitive from Time: The Life of an American Political Exile in Cuba
  • Dr Denise Blum (Oklahoma State University): Educated in Martí: Mobilizing the Cuban Apostle in the Protests of the 21st Century 




  • Carlos Alzugaray, Rafael Hernández, Arleen Rodríguez: Round table – Cuba at the crossroads: where next?
  • Antoni Kapcia (Nottingham): Identity and the role of ‘history’: investigating national and local narratives in Cuba’
  • Professor Jean Stubbs (Associate Fellow, Institute of the Americas, University College London & Bader International Study Centre (UK), Queen's University, Canada): Crossing Borders: Knowledge Networks, Ideas and Values among Cubans in Canada and Western Europe


  • David Jessop (Managing Director of the Caribbean Council and leader of the Cuba Initiative): Detente: The implications for Cuba, the USA and Europe
  • Kate Williams (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): Roots and Flowers: The Life and Work of Afro-Cuban Librarian Marta Terry González seen within the Cuban Revolution
  • Ana Vera (Instituto Cubano de Investigación Cultural Juan Marinello, Havana): La historia oral en Cuba: Los centrales azucareros cerrados en 2002 y los cuentos de la tradición oral popular cubana
  • Alberto Martí (University of Nottingham): The invention of the concentration camp


  • Christabelle Peters (Nottingham): Deciphering the ‘mulatto nation’: Translation, race and cubanidad
  • Patricia Calvo (Santiago de Compostela): Imágenes de una rebelión desconocida: los reporteros de la Sierra Maestra
  • Raquel Ribeiro (Nottingham): Title to be announced


  • Stephen Hart (UCL): Politics and Art in Titon's Memorias del subdesarrollo
  • Tony Kapcia (Nottingham): Revolution in the Revolution?: Cuba under Raúl
  • Christopher Hull (Nottingham): Sex, Drugs and Communism: Graham Greene´s Visits to Cuba, 1954-


  • Adrian Poole (Open University): Groove Production in Cuban Son-Montuno
  • Anna Clayfield (Nottingham), Re-thinking the ‘guerrilla mentality’: foquismo and the shaping of a  ‘rebel people’ in the Cuban Revolution
  • Emilio Gallardo (Nottingham), (Super)vivencias grises: intelectuales y politica cultural cubana durante  los años 70
  • Michael Chanan (Roehampton), New media in Cuba
  • Raquel Ribeiro (Nottingham): O que é determinante para a unidade é a ideologia e não a geografia”: internacionalism and ideology in testimonies of the Cuban “intervention” in Angola
  • Manuel Barcia Paz (Leeds): Africa in America: The Collapse of Oyo and Slave Rebellion in Bahia and Cuba, 1804-1844


  • Steve Ludlam (Sheffield): For equality and against egalitarianism: Cuba's drive to recover the 'socialist principle of distribution'
  • Imti Choonara (Nottingham): Child Health in Cuba?”  
  • Emilio Gallardo: Canon teatral y política cultural en la Cuba revolucionaria (1959-1976)"
  • Stephen Fay (Nottingham): 'Mapping the Cuban Condition in Fernando Ortiz's Un catauro de cubanismos'


  • Emily Morris (London Met/Economist Intelligence Unit): Where next for the Cuban economy?
  • Ricardo Quiza(Instituto de Historia de Cuba): La joven historiografía cubana: un recuento necesario
  • Elizabeth Cooper(Nottingham): Race and the Politics of Culture in Post-emancipation Havana and  Bahia
  • Fabienne Viala (Sorbonne): European Philosophy and Caribbean Culture: Toynbee and Spengler in Alejo Carpentier's early works
  • Thomas Carter(Brighton): Sport: a political and moral necessity for the Revolution
  • Kris Juncker (James Madison University): Prop Art: African imagery in 1960s and 1970s Cuban graphic


  • Helen Yaffe (Institute for the Study of the Americas, London): Che Guevara's  contribution to Cuban economic history and socialist political economy
  • Tony Kapcia (Nottingham) & Par Kumaraswami (Manchester): Literature and  Revolution in Cuba: reassessing the evidence
  • Talk by Orlando Borrego (former colleague of Che Guevara)
  • Meesha Nehru (Nottingham): The meaning of cultural participation in Cuba: the  talleres literarios
  • Chris Hull (Nottingham): Our Man in Havana

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