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European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020


EPPN2020 is a research infrastructure project funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU. Like the earlier EPPN, the project combines research activities with a Transnational Access programme that supports users wishing to conduct experiments using the phenotyping facilities in place across the network. EPPN2020 provides access to 31 key plant phenotyping installations, including three at Nottingham. Its joint research activities will develop: i) novel technologies and methods for environmental and plant measurements, ii) tools for statistical analysis and iii) a European plant phenotyping information system. Networking activities will increase integration between phenotyping facilities and users within and outside of EPPN2020.

CVL’s contribution to EPPN2020 centres on Joint Research Activity 1, which will develop novel methods for precise and accurate measurement/manipulation of environmental conditions sensed by each individual plant in each platform; (ii) improve the effectiveness of high-throughput installations by widening the use of novel dynamic phenotyping methods that automatically guide sensors/cameras to specific organs; (iii) improve the reproducibility of measurements across platforms at different scales of plant organization via joint experiments, novel calibration procedures and plant modelling.


Funding Information

EPPN2020 is supported by a grant from the European Commission

Project Team

Tony Pridmore

Malcolm Bennett

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