D.H. Lawrence Research Centre

DH Lawrence: Regional, National and International Contexts Conference

School of English
University of Nottingham
5-6 July 2012

This two-day conference addressed Lawrence’s response to, and influence upon, regional, national and international writers, and the various regional, national and international contexts which shaped his work. The speakers were:

  • Fiona Becket (University of Leeds)
  • Howard J. Booth (University of Manchester)
  • Bethan Jones (University of Hull)
  • Neil Roberts (University of Sheffield)
  • Keith Sagar (University of Nottingham)
  • David Trotter (University of Cambridge)
  • John Turner (Swansea University)
  • Jeff Wallace (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)

Subjects covered included:

  • reassessments of Lawrence’s relationship to his Nottinghamshire roots, to England, and to Italy and New Mexico
  • revisionist work on his engagement with psychoanalysis and the contemporary media
  • important new explorations of his writings in the contexts of English radicalism and green cultural critique

There were also postgraduate papers on topics related to the conference.

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