D.H. Lawrence Research Centre

The Many Lives of DH Lawrence Exhibtion, 2012

Memoir, Legacy and Biography

The Many Lives of DH Lawrence

Comment Book

‘Quite the best exhibition imaginable on such a subject! I found so much that I didn’t know! It’s a marvellous piece of work- the Lawrence collection is better than I had ever imagined.’  

‘A fascinating, scholarly and meticulously curated exhibition. Peter Preston would have been delighted.’

‘I have wanted to see this collection for a long time. Thank you. I have spent many hours walking ‘the country of my heart’ in Lawrence’s home area.’

‘Excellent exhibition- well considered and effectively presented- a fascinating picture of the literary impact of Lawrence. I found the information extremely well-communicated and thereby accessible to all.’

‘Fabulous exhibition, all of it fascinating. I am eternally intrigued by and in awe of DHL. I was particularly touched by some of the early letters on display.’

‘A remarkable exhibition which is sure to stimulate interest in this most compelling and exciting of authors.’ 

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