Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education

Workplace health and wellbeing: online intervention to promote health and wellbeing in NHS nurses 

Project Duration

12 months


Burdett Trust for Nursing

Project Staff                          Staff Institutions

  • Dr Holly Blake1                        1. The University of Nottingham1
  • Mrs Emily Gartshore1,2            2. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS
  • Dr Joanne Cooper1,2                    Trust2
  • Ms Steph Knowles2


Develop an online multimedia intervention to promote health and wellbeing in NHS nurses and midwives.


  • Consult with nurses and midwives, NHS health champions and student nurses and midwives through interviews, focus groups and event questionnaires
  • Develop a storyboard of content using the key themes from the initial consultation and evidence
  • Develop a draft online health and wellbeing learning package for nurses and midwives
  • Evaluate and adapt the resulting online resource by peer review using independent experts in health and wellbeing and a user group
  • Once finalised, undertake a summative pilot evaluation of the tool using online before and after knoweldge questionnaires and an assessment of usability and satisfaction. 


PPI consultation, development and testing of online tool, online evaluation.

Stage of Development

Project completed. Final report submitted and available online

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