Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education

Technology in healthcare interventions

Technology plays a vital role in healthcare delivery. It can be used to help people manage their conditions and gain peer support, or it can help monitor patient care and support healthcare professionals’ daily tasks. It can also provide important information to healthcare organisations.   

While it’s believed that technologies can increase the quality and reach of both healthcare information and communication, which technologies and for which specific conditions is still an open research area. Within the Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education (DICE) Research Group, we believe technology can only succeed if design is deeply informed by practice and thoroughly tested through healthcare interventions. 

Our research in this theme includes exploring the use of mobile phones, text messages and education resources (reusable learning objects) as the innovative means to change healthcare delivery. 

Research that makes an impact

SKIP: Development and evaluation of a prototype for an online multimedia intervention to promote physical activity in children with type 1 diabetes

Developing and testing a final online specification and assessing its acceptability among children, parents and healthcare professionals. 

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SKIP: Feasibility of an online multimedia intervention to promote physical activity in children with type 1 diabetes 

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HIV and health at work: the M1 corridor distribution project

Taking HIV awareness, prevention, testing and condom distribution work previously developed through African community, faith and football events out to employers along the M1. 

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Mathematics learning disabilities from childhood to adolescence: New evidence and intervention for very pre-term children

Assessing differences in maths performance between children born prematurely and at full term, discovering the causes and developing a learning support programme for teachers. 

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Meet our researchers

Dr Holly Blake

Holly is a Chartered Health Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is also Associate Professor of Behavioural Science within the DICE Research Group.

Catrin Evans

Catrin is the Director of Internationalisation and Global Reach within the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. She’s a registered nurse and has worked in the HIV/AIDS field since 1990. She also has a background in social anthropology and public health. 

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