Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education

The world of data in healthcare and education 

Big data – large amounts of complex data and the way it’s captured, analysed and shared – is one of the major challenges facing many organisations in the 21st century. 

The Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education (DICE) Research Group carries out research that considers the importance that different types of data have in healthcare and education. Using semantic web techniques and tools, we’re turning complex data into accessible information and educational resources that enhance the knowledge and clinical practice of healthcare professionals.   

Our research encompasses educational data and tailored information to improve personalised learning experiences. This evidence informs education programmes, curriculum changes and even policy guidelines.

Research that makes an impact 

Can learning analytics increase learners’ experiences, satisfaction, engagement and performance?

An internal project of the DICE Research Group in collaboration with the HELM team aims to identify the role of learning analytics in students’ education. 

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HELMOPEN in the era of the semantic web

Exploring the benefits of an interconnected platform through semantic web techniques. 

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Meet our researchers

Professor Heather Wharrad 

Heather is head of the DICE Research Group and Chair in e-Learning and Health Informatics. She’s also the academic lead for the Health E-Learning and Media group and has been principal investigator on many externally funded national and international projects on e-learning pedagogy, evaluation and research in health.

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PhD students and opportunities 

Discover the latest opportunities for PhD research in the field of digital innovations in healthcare and education



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