Digital Innovations in Healthcare and Education

HELMOPEN in the era of the semantic web 

This project explores the benefits of an interconnected platform through semantic web techniques. The HELM Open is a University repository hosting over 200 free-to-use learning and teaching resources. Called Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs), these are high-quality, interactive, peer-reviewed resources developed by University experts over a 10 year period. Each one features 15 minutes of engaging, bite-sized multimedia learning. 

Every RLO is accompanied by a set of metadata describing its content, objectives, licence of use, etc. The aim of this project is to interconnect the HELM Open repository through semantic web techniques with other repositories which not only hold RLOs, but also a variety of other learning objects. The aim is to turn HELM Open into a gateway for high-quality health educational content. Using best practice drawn from the mEducator EU-project, we are following a similar architecture so that specialised state-of-the-art health educational content can be easily discovered, retrieved, shared and re-used. 

We’re using qualitative and Think Aloud research methods to check the quality of the discovering resources, as well as web analytics to check the impact of those resources.



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