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The University of Nottingham's Flavour Research Group is a centre of excellence for food and flavour chemistry, conducting world leading research in high impact areas.Flavour logo for About Us - white

Find out how you can research, innovate and learn with us.

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Our laboratory hosts a wide range of separation and mass spectrometry equipment (HPLC/MS-MS; SPME/GC/MS; DI/GC/MS; GC-O) in addition to our unique service offering of triple quadrupole real-time mass spectrometry (MS-NOSE APCI/MS; MSMS-NOSE APCI/MS-MS). 

Key aims and expertise

The Flavour Research Group carries out world leading research across a wide range of important topics impacting the food industry, including:

Salt/sugar reduction in foods through enhanced delivery rate. Most people consume too much sodium/sugar - we are researching ways to increase the accessibility of sodium in the mouth so that less is needed to create the same flavour. Through the development of a true understanding of the physics and chemistry of sodium-bolus interaction we can redesign food materials to achieve this goal.

Aroma release from model and semi-model food systems. A full understanding of aroma perception in foods requires a mechanistic explanation of aroma release. Through the use of model and semi-model foods we can explain the impact of food structure, food chemistry, and processing on aroma release kinetics. This is achieved in real-time using high speed MS-NOSE2 technology to track the release of volatile organic compounds during processing and mastication.

Hyperspectral imaging as a tool to enhance the value of seeds for food and feed. Hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive imaging tool that can be used to characterise, classify and chemically profile individual seeds. For example we have demonstrated it can be used to measure protein quantity and quality in wheat and evaluate lipids and moisture in coffee.

Research with us

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We are a dynamic research group with a range of post doctoral and PhD students. Our research vacancies are always listed on the University's recruitment pages

We also work closely with the University's Sensory Science Centre and other research groups in the Biosciences field.

Recent impact and publications

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Read about the impact the Flavour Group's research has had on real food products in our recent Pipers Crisps case study

The Flavour Group also publishes extensively in some of the most prestigious scientific research journals including Food Chemistry, Food Hydrocolloids, Food and Function and Scientific Reports.

View our most recent papers here

Contact us

You can keep up to date and get in touch with us via our social media links or by emailing jennifer.drury@nottingham.ac.uk

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Research team

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Professor Ian Fisk leads the Flavour research group at the University of Nottingham and is Research Director for the School of Biosciences. His research interests lie in flavour management (plant biology, agricultural techniques, food production through to consumption) and fundamental food chemistry to support novel processing technologies and commercial products.


Dr Ni Yang leads our consultancy work as well as conducting research and teaching. Dr Yang's research aims to shape a sustainable flavour system by embedding flavour science from soil and plant, processing and production, to consumption and health. Her current research includes tea and coffee flavour chemistry and trigeminal stimulus linking chili/spicy sensations.

Innovate with us


We work extensively with industry through FACTS - our analytical, consultancy and training service for food and bioscience industries. FACTS offers a high quality response whether needs are confidential or time sensitive - find out more on our dedicated website.

Learn with us


We run a highly popular one week Food Flavour training course - ideal for scientists in the food, drink or flavour industry and for students wishing to broaden their experience before entering the food industry. 

The course ran entirely online in 2021, featuring a mix of electures and videos, live interactive online classes with leading academics, and quizzes to check your understanding of the material.

Find out more about the course and sign up here.



Flavour Research Group

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