George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

The George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research have a wide-range of facilities on hand for our researchers.




Some of the facilities we have in our institute.

Computational facilities


  • Multicore (CPU) and many core (GPU) platforms
  • Heterogenous computing

Local clustered facility

  • 10 compute nodes (92 core)
  • 320GB RAM
  • Infinband network

Access to University of Nottingham HPC

  • 166 compute nodes (>2,500 cores)
  • >5TB RAM, Infinband network
  • GPU equipped

Many man years of software development experience in providing robust software to industrial customers.

Experimental facilities

Mode stirred chamber

  • 200MHz - 40GHz
  • Immunity and emissions testingEUT~1m3
  • High field strengths achievable for modest input power: for 1W input

GTEM cell

  • ~DC - 20GHz
  • Immunity and emissions testing
  • Predictable uniform field
  • EUT~30cm3

Anechoic chamber

  • <1GHz - >20GHz

3D near field scanner

  • Measurement of radiated emissions from complex components
  • Measured data readily imported into CEM modelling process as an equivalent radiator 

Optical Characterisation

  • Optical darkroom with dedicated optical bench for optical waveguide and component characterisation, photo-luminescence, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, fibre loss spectroscopy, refractive index, near-field imaging.


George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

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