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GGIEMR expertise
 Keywords Name
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Computational Electromagnetics, Protection and Simulation of Power Networks Professor David Thomas
Experimental and numerical studies of electromagnetic fields and waves, with particular emphasis on propagation in optical waveguides, silicon based photonic circuits and electromagnetic compatibility Professor Trevor Benson
Interaction between microwave and molecular materials, implementation of dielectric spectroscopy techniques for process monitoring, and design of microwave applicators for materials processing. Dr Georgios Dimitrakis 
Experimental and computational electromagnetics, specifically the implementation of numerical algorithms on a variety of computational platforms and the simulation of systems for electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity studies Dr Steve Greedy
Materials, devices and circuits for radio frequency and microwave applications, energy storage Professor Ian Harrison
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), focussing on RF emission and immunity measurements. These methods involve the use of a Fully Anechoic Room (FAR) and a GTEM cell Dr Angela Nothofer
All aspects of computational electromagnetics, with applications primarily to photonics and electromagnetic compatibility Professor Phillip Sewell
Optical and optoelectronic modelling, numerical modelling of photonic devices Dr Slawek Sujecki
Electromagnetics, optoelectronics and microwaves Dr Ana Vukovic (Head of Group)

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