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Living Healthily with Cerebral Palsy Advisory Group

Find out more about the members of the Living Healthily with Cerebral Palsy Advisory Group in their own words.

Karen Watson smiling at the camera

Karen Watson

I'm 58 and have quad CP. I was reasonably mobile until I hit 40. I'm now dependent on a powerchair 90% of the time. I'm married to Chris, who isn't disabled and is now my carer as well as my hubby and best friend. We live on the Isle of Anglesey but we own a motorhome and spend as much time as possible touring. We are both founder members of the small motorhome club which we belong to, and attend many rallies during the summer. I am also co-founder of the Cerebral Palsy Adult Advice UK Facebook group.

Richard Luke smiling at the camera

Richard Luke

I have quad CP and use a manual wheelchair full time. I’m currently the Cerebral Palsy Officer for the disability charity Scope and moderate the Online Community. I cover England and Wales, dealing with adults, children and families. I also advise on sex and relationships as a member of SHADA. I’m married with an 11 year old daughter.


Hannah Harvey

Dr Hannah Harvey

I'm 26, and I have mild athetoid cerebral palsy which affects my hands and arms, speech and overall muscle tone and coordination. I can never EVER find my CP on any infographic I wasn't diagnosed until I was 15 which always surprises everyone! I got my PhD in 2021 in Birmingham on the diagnostic approach of speech and language therapists.



Dr Claire Tregaskis

I'm 58 and have quad CP, fluctuating nowadays between using a walker and a chair. I live alone in Cornwall with support from carers. I was the main family carer for my mum, who lived in the same town. I have been a civil servant, an explorer, a countryside access officer and an academic, and have a PhD in Applied Disability Studies. Somewhat unexpectedly, having got back on a horse 4 years ago after a very long gap, I am now also a Para Dressage rider. Who'd have thought it, at my age and level of decrepitude?

Ruth Bailey smiling at the camera

Dr Ruth Bailey

I'm pushing 60, am a power wheelchair user and live independently with PA support. I am a tutor with the Open University, based at home (even pre pandemic) which suits my access needs. My PhD and Postdoctoral research was on subjects of disability and healthcare.



Dean O'Shea smiling at the camera

Dean O'Shea

I am aged 49, and single. I have deplegia cerebral palsy from birth, which effects my right foot. I am a former civil servant, having worked for DWP for nearly 20 years. Since leaving the civil service, I have been assisting Blackpool Coastal Housing on a number of panels, to improve the services BCH provides for tenants and leaseholders.



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