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ALTHEA Study Output and Impact

Following the completion of the study, a number of outputs have been delivered to help inform the future of healthcare regarding cerebral palsy.

Policy Brief

A policy brief, based on research with adults with CP, has been created which outlines key considerations and recommendations to ensure adequate support and enable individuals with CP to lead fulfilling lives as they age.

View the Policy Brief

Journal Article

We have published a journal article in the BJGP Open on the quantitative findings from a large multi-method study about the effects of cerebral palsy in adulthood and access to healthcare for men and women with this life long impairment. The findings will help healthcare practitioners to provide good quality care to people with CP across the life course.

View the full journal article on the ALTHEA study


Film and Infographic

A short animated film and infographic for healthcare providers about cerebral palsy across the life course have been developed to help health professionals better understand why cerebral palsy happens, its effects, and what they can do in practice.

Infographic highlighting a quick guide to Cerebral Palsy in Adults

Download a copy of the infographic

Download a copy of the animated film

Performing CP:Healthcare, Ageing, Access - An educational resource

This educational resource is the product of an interdisciplinary research project, conducted to the University of Nottingham. The aim was to explore how theatrical techniques can communicate new knowledge and understanding on ageing and experiences of healthcare in people with cerebral palsy (CP). The short film dramatises an interview conducted, by Dr. Sonali Shah in 2022, as part of the NIHR project Living Healthy Lives with CP (ALTHEA project). It presents the case of an adult male in his 50s with cerebral palsy recounting his experiences of in-patient care when suffering from an acute illness. 

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