Hungry for Words: Creative approaches to shape healthcare and address health inequalities

hand drawn pictures and text describing eating disorders in men

The interdisciplinary projects led by Prof Heike Bartel explore how arts and humanities can shape healthcare and address health inequalities.

Current projects focus on:

Project aims

Still from the video showing four men standing in a line

Consider Eating Disorders in Men animation

Post it notes for creating poems


Poetry written from the perspectives of people affected by ‘disordered’ eating

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Publications and articles

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Project overview

Hear about some of the creative approaches used to explore and give voice to the issues.

Latest news

August 2023

Our AHRC-funded animation 'Consider Eating Disorders in Men' is praised by UK Research and Innovation  as an example for 'How the arts and humanities will shape the future of healthcare'.

July 2023

We are proud to announce that our animation 'Excessive Exercise and Eating Disorders' has been adapted into German and will be used by our German partners at the Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum and the Landesfachstelle Essstörungen

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Latest events

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Getting support

If any of the issues raised on this website affect you or someone you know you can get help.

  • Book an appointment at your GP practice
  • Tell someone who is understanding (trusted friends and family members, teachers, nurses, colleagues)
  • Contact one of the eating disorders support organisations listed below.


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Image at top of page extract of hand drawn illustration created at Men Cafe, Being Human 2020. Image copyright Pen Mendonca.

Hungry for Words

Creative approaches to shape healthcare
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