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icPSP members and associates publish extensively on a wide range of policy issues. Their outputs include journal articles, books, reports and policy brief.

This page provides a short selection of recent publications. A more comprehensive list for each icPSP member is available on their individual webpages.

Recent blogs

Selected academic publications

  • Chau, C. M. and Yu, W.K. (2019) Familisation Risks, Defamilisation Risks and Older Women, Journal of Women and Aging, forthcoming.
  • Chau, C. M.; Yu, W. K.; Foster, L. and Lau, M. (2017) Defamilisation Measures and Women’s Labour Force Participation – a comparative study of twelve countries, Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 33(1):73-86.
  • Chau, C. M. and Yu W. K. (2013) Defamilisation of 22 Countries – its implications for the study of East Asian welfare regime, Social Policy and Society, 12 (3): 355-367.
  • D’Angelo, A. (2019) Italy: the ‘illegality factory’? Theory and practice of refugees’ reception in Sicily, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 45:12, 2213-2226
  • D’Angelo, A., and Kaye, N. (2018). Disengaged students: insights from the international survey. In Van Praag et. al. (Eds.) (2018) Comparative perspectives on early school leaving in the European Union. Routledge.
  • D’Angelo, A., and Kofman, E. (2018). From Mobile Workers to Fellow Citizens and Back Again? The Future Status of EU Citizens in the UK. Social Policy and Society, 17(2), pp.331-343.
  • Dauncey, S. (2020), ‘Disability in Contemporary China. Citizenship, Identity and Culture’. Cambridge University Press.
  • Gardner, A. (2018) An idea whose time has come? Modern Slavery, Multiple Streams Approach and Multi-Layer Policy Implementation, Journal of Human Rights Practice, 10 (3), 461–481.
  • Gardner, A. (2017). Big Change, Little Change? Punctuation, increments and multi-level institutional change for English local authorities under austerity. Local Government Studies, 43(2), 150–169. Doi:10.1080/03003930.2016.1276451
  • Heneghan M and Hall S. (2020) The emerging geography of European financial centres: Fragmentation in the European Union and concentration in the UK? European Urban and Regional Studies 
  • Hennessey, L., Shaw, I., Adams, G.G., Okyere, S. (2018). Does ethnicity and culture affect the noncompliance of cervical cancer screening? MOJ Public Health. 7(4), 219‒227
  • Iafrati, S. (2021): Out of area housing by local authorities in England: Displacement of vulnerable households in a neoliberal housing crisis, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 29(2), pp. 137-153 
  • Iafrati, S. (2021): Supporting tenants with multiple and complex needs in houses in multiple occupation: The need to balance planning restrictions and housing enforcement with support, Social Policy and Society 20(1), pp. 62-73 
  • Kelly, Y., Zilanawala, A., Tanton, C., Lewis, R., and Mercer, C. H. (2019) "Partnered Intimate Activities in Early Adolescence—Findings From the UK Millennium Cohort Study." Journal of Adolescent Health 65.3 (2019): 397-404.
  • Kerrison, G., Gillis, R., Jiwani, S., Alzahrani, Q., Kok, S., Harding, S., Shaw, I., Adams, G. (2017). The Effectiveness of Lifestyle Adaptation for the Prevention of Prediabetes in Adults: A Systematic Review. Journal of Diabetes Research. 2017, 8493145
  • Jas, P. and Skelcher, C. (2013). Different regulatory regimes in different parts of the UK?: a comparison of narrative and practice in relation to poor performance in local government Local Government Studies.
  • Jas, P. (2013). The role of interim managers in performance improvement: evidence from English local authorities Public Money and Management. 33(1), 15-22
  • Lowndes, V., and Gardner, A. (2016). Local governance under the Conservatives: super-austerity, devolution and the “smarter state.” Local Government Studies, 42(3), 357–375. doi:10.1080/03003930.2016.1150837
  • Malik, A. et al. (2019), ‘I Decided Not to Go into Surgery Due to Dress Code’: A Cross-sectional Study within the UK Investigating Experiences of Female Muslim Medical Health Professionals on Bare below the Elbows (BBE) Policy and Wearing Headscarves (hijabs) in Theatre. BMJ Open 9(3)
  • Perren, K., Roberts, S., Stafford, B., Hirsch, D. and Padley, M. (2012) Evaluation of the Implementation of the Equality Act 2010: Report 1 - Organisational Approaches to Equality, London: Government Equalities Office.
  • Roberts, S. (2020) ‘Brexit and the reform of social security coordination: The UK’s metamorphosis from rule maker to rule taker’. European Journal of Social Security. 22(2).
  • Roberts, S., Stafford, B. and Hill, K. (2017) ‘Diluting Substantive Equality: Why the UK Government doesn’t know if its welfare reforms promote equality’, in David Fee and Anémone Kober-Smith (eds.) Inequalities in Britain: perceptions, actions, evolutions, Bingley: Emerald, pp 151-168.
  • Shaw, I., Middleton, H. (2015). Sociological Conceptions of Happiness and its Implications for Psychotherapy and Public Policy Nursing and Care. 4(3)
  • Stafford, B. (2015) ‘Why are the policies and organisations seeking to help disabled people access work failing?’ in Chris Grover and Linda Piggott eds., Disabled people, work and welfare Is employment really the answer?, Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 69-86.
  • Stafford, B. with others (2007) New Deal for Disabled People: Third synthesis report – key findings from the evaluation, DWP Research Report No. 430, Leeds: CDS.
  • Tyers, R., Sweeney, S., Moon, B. (2019) Harnessing behavioural insights to encourage consumer engagement in the British energy market: results from a field trial. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 80(1), 162-176.
  • Tyers, R., Berchoux, T., Xiang, K., & Yao, X. Y. (2018). China-to-UK Student Migration and Pro-environmental Behaviour Change: A Social Practice Perspective. Sociological Research Online, 00(0), 1–23.
  • Tyers, R. (2018) Nudging the Jetset to Offset: voluntary carbon offsetting and the limits to nudging. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 00(0) 1-20.
  • Zilanawala, A., Sacker, A., and Kelly, Y. (2019) "Internalising and Externalising Behaviour Profiles across Childhood: The Consequences of Changes in the Family Environment." Social Science & Medicine 226: 207-16.

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