Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies Research Group


Research priorities for the Cleaner Fossil Energy and Carbon Capture Technologies Research Group includes:

  • CO2 Capture Technologies
  • Coal and Biomass Utilisation
  • Oil, Gas and the Environment 

The group has two main research applications - power generation (reduced emissions) and industrial processes which includes:

  • cement production
  • steel production
  • oil and gas processing

Prof Colin Snape

Carbon Dioxide Capture


Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry

Combustion and Cleaner Coal Technologies



Biomass thermochemical conversion

Biomass Thermochemical Conversion


Oil, gas and the envionrment

Oil, Gas and the Environment



Smart materials

Smart Materials


Microwave processing

Microwave processing






Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies

Energy Technologies Building
The University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus, NG7 2TU

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