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Helping GPs identify and manage suicide risk in young people

Creating an educational intervention to support GPs that aims to improve the mental health of young people and reduce suicide rates. 

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Improving the care of children and young people who self-harm

This study aimed to develop an educational program co-produced with children and young people (CYPs), aimed at nurses who care for hospitalized CYPs that self-harm.  

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Supporting children and young people with eating disorder or who self-harm 

This study aimed to evaluate the quality and impact of acute paediatric inpatient care and define the domains for a Patient Centred Outcome Measure (PCOM) in children and young people admitted for self-harm injuries/Eating Disorders.

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Current research

Youth mental health and wellbeing seminar series

Running between 2014 and 2017, this series of nine one-day seminars focuses on three interrelated themes:

  • Youth mental health and stigma
  • e-health and new technologies for youth mental health and wellbeing
  • The development of youth-friendly mental health services

The seminars include talks by invited speakers and poster presentations by PhD students and early career researchers, as well as stimulating roundtable discussions. 

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