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Youth mental health and wellbeing

The onset of mental health problems typically occurs at a critical time, between the ages of 12 and 25 years. Mental illness in young people is associated with significant physical, psychological, social and developmental consequences, including obesity, substance use, delinquency, low educational achievements and social disability. 

This highlights the importance of early intervention and prevention and the development of targeted services focusing on improving prognosis through continuity of care, promoting resilience and supporting healthy developmental pathways. 

We carry out research in:

  • Affective disorders in first-episode psychosis
  • Youth suicide prevention
  • Self-harm in young people
  • Transitions of care for children and young people
  • Emotional resilience in young people
  • Children and young people’s participation in health research

Research that makes an impact

Helping GPs identify and manage suicide risk in young people

Creating an educational intervention to support GPs that aims to improve the mental health of young people and reduce suicide rates. 

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Improving the care of children and young people who self-harm

This study aimed to develop an educational program co-produced with children and young people (CYPs), aimed at nurses who care for hospitalized CYPs that self-harm.  

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Supporting children and young people with eating disorder or who self-harm

This study aimed to evaluate the quality and impact of acute paediatric inpatient care and define the domains for a Patient Centred Outcome Measure (PCOM) in children and young people admitted for self-harm injuries/Eating Disorders.

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Meet our researchers

Dr Maria Michail

Maria is a senior research fellow and expert in youth mental health with a particular focus on early psychosis, co-morbid affective dysfunction, early intervention and prevention. 

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