Maternal Health and Wellbeing

An evidence synthesis and decision analytic modelling following a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies evaluating the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, safety and acceptability of interventions to prevent postnatal depression

Project Duration

November 2012 - January 2014



Project Staff

  • Dr Jane Morrell (PI) 1
  • Dr Paul Sutcliffe 2
  • Prof Matthew Stevenson 3
  • Andrew Booth 3
  • Dr John Stevens 3
  • Dr Alison Scope 3
  • Anna Cantrell 3

Expert Clinical/Methodological Group

  • Prof Michael Barkham 3
  • Prof John Brazier 3
  • Prof Pauline Slade 3
  • Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown 2
  • Dr Carol Henshaw 4
  • Dr Dick Churchill 1
  • Prof Helen Spiby 1
  • Prof Cindy-Lee Dennis 5
  • Joanne Newstead (PPI) 1

Staff Institutions

  1. The University of Nottingham
  2. University of Warwick
  3. University of Sheffield
  4. University of Keele
  5. University of Toronto


This project will evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of pharmacological, psychological and other interventions for pregnant and postnatal women to prevent postnatal depression (PND). 

The purpose of the project is to apply rigorous methods of systematic reviewing of quantitative and qualitative studies, evidence synthesis and decision analytic modelling to evaluate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, acceptability and safety of antenatal and early postnatal interventions to prevent postnatal depression.


The study will use a range of sources and search techniques to identify relevant literature. A comprehensive literature search will be undertaken in psychological, medical, health-related, science and health economic electronic bibliographic databases. Searches will be restricted to English language and to RCTs, systematic reviews or economic evaluations with no date restriction. Health service research and guideline producing bodies will be consulted via the internet. Key organisations will be contacted. We will consult with national and international experts in research and practice in preventing PND. Relevant systematic reviews, RCTs and economic evaluations will be extracted and assessed for quality. 

All outcome measures will be considered in reviews of the quantitative and qualitative research literature. We will assess the quality of quantitative studies using the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool. The review will aim to synthesise conclusions from the body of evidence as a whole. Meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness modelling will be undertaken.

Stage of Development

Project began on 1 November 2012.

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