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Factors influencing the utilisation of free-standing and alongside midwifery units in England: A mixed methods research study

Only 11% of women in England have their baby in a Midwifery Unit (MU). This is despite very good evidence that having a baby in a MU results in better outcomes than having a baby on a traditional labour ward, and is cheaper. For example, the risk of caesarean section is reduced by two thirds. Not all maternity services have MUs and of those that do, some are not being fully utilised. The project explores why usage varies so much and why many maternity services have never developed MUs. Read more

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"In collaboration with service users and other key stakeholders, we will develop guidance for local maternity services in England to help increase the provision and uptake of MUs"


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Funding body: National Institue for Health Research (NIHR)
Principal investigator: Dr Denis Walsh


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Midwifery Unit Research Project

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