NCARE (Nottingham Centre for the Advancement of Research into Supportive, Palliative and End-of-life Care)

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Our research focus is not only on illnesses such as cancer, but reaches into traditionally under-served populations and under-researched areas. These include dementia, older people, neurological conditions and dying alone.

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Promoting activity, independence and stability in early dementia

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Exploring death and dying ~ in the UK

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The VOICE study

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Managing medications ~ at home

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The VOICE2 Study

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Thinking ahead

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Exploring end of life decision making with patients with Motor Neurone Disease

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Understanding living with tracheostomy ventilation for Motor Neurone Disease (MND)



University veterinary school

Professor Kristian Pollock and Dr. Eleanor Wilson are working alongside the university's veterinary school to supervise two students (one Masters of Researcher and one Doctoral student). These students are using qualitative interviews and surveys to explore issues around shared decision making and euthanasia of the horse.

University of Cambridge Primary Care Unit

Rowan Harwood and Kristian Pollock are co-supervising two PhD students in conjunction with the University of Cambridge.

  • Megha Majumbar - Kristian Pollock with Stephen Barclay and Claire Goodwin.
  • Sarah Hopkins: Using experience-based co-design to improve the impact of advance care planning on the quality of life and care of frail older people
    - awarded the 2020 Dunhill/British Geriatrics Society fellowship - Rowan Harwood with Stephen Barclay and Mike Kelly

Dr. Ben Bowers

Dr. Ben Bowers is an appointed Honorary Associate Professor advancing knowledge of anticipatory prescribing of medications at the end of life.

Ben is a Queen's Nurse and clinical academic. He is an Honorary Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care and a Wellcome Post-Doctoral Fellow specialising in the use of anticipatory medication for adults dying at home.

You can view Ben's University of Cambridge profile here.

LOROS Hospice

Professor Christina Faull is working with Eleanor Wilson as part of her Anne McLaren Fellowship to Explore end of life decision making with patients with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) using home ventilation: The perspectives of patients and their families. (VentMND).

University of Leicester

Dr. Eleanor Wilson is co-supervising a PhD student in conjunction with the University of Leicester and Professor Faull at LOROS:

  • David Wenzel – awarded a Midlands Mental Health and Neurosciences PhD studentship - Psychological Wellbeing in End-of-life-care in the Context of Non-Invasive Advanced Respiratory Support: Understanding Barriers and Enablers to Best Practice (Dr. Jennifer Creese, Professor Christina Faull and Dr. Eleanor Wilson)

Dr. Glenys Caswell

Independent social researcher and death studies scholar.

Glenys has a background in social research and considerable experience of research in the field of death studies and end of life care. She is currently working with Dr. Eleanor Wilson to explore issues around time of death in relation to ventilation use in Motor Neurone Disease.

Professor Kathryn Almack

Kathryn Almackis an appointed Honorary Professor and joins the group to further interests in LGBTQ+ and end of life care.

Kathryn is Professor of Family Lives and Care and a senior member of CRIPACC (Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care) at the University of Hertfordshire. Kathryn is a sociologist and her main research interests includes relationships of care in people's lives; social care research; and LGBT+ lives across the life course. She is the theme lead for the Ageing and Multi-Morbidity theme as part of the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) East of England Applied Research Collaboration (EoE ARC) as well as the EOE ARC lead for the NIHR National Priorities Programme for Adult Social Care and Social Work.

You can view Kathryn's University of Hertfordshire profile here.




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