Nottingham Interdisciplinary Modernism Research Network

Working beyond canons and across disciplines

We aim to open research into modernism to new approaches, and encourage conversations between modernist scholars working from different disciplinary perspectives.

Many of our members are interested in canonical works of the ‘high modernist’ period of 1880-1950, and in geographical centres such as Paris, London or New York. But one of our key aims is also to consider texts and artefacts that have previously been excluded from modernist canons, to consider modernism as a transnational or global phenomenon, and to examine its relationship with the postmodern. 

The Interdisciplinary Modernism Research Network brings together academics working on modernism in all its manifestations.

Key aims and expertise

The Network aims to encourage and support interdisciplinary conversations and collaboration in the diverse field of modernist studies. It currently includes members from across the University, with expertise in literature, music, art history and visual culture, history, philosophy, and architecture.

We aim to work across boundaries between languages and media, to situate modernist production in relation to influences from philosophy, politics, and science and technology – and to reflect on the theoretical and practical problems that researchers might encounter in working across different disciplinary categories. 


The Network was launched in March 2016. In 2016-17 it organised a series of seminars and reading groups, open to all staff and students.

Past events, conferences and workshops:



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