Nottingham Sensory Studies Network
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The Nottingham Sensory Studies Network (NSSN) brings together academics working in the interdisciplinary field of sensory research, both within and beyond the University.

The (NSSN) was established in 2013 following a successful conference: Sensing Change PDF file icon, which in turn grew out of a series of talks addressing sensory themes hosted by the Centre for Critical Theory .

The Network is dedicated to building national and international links in the field of sensory studies. It hosts regular events, workshops in order to foster collaborative research projects.


An interdisciplinary approach to sensory research

We aim to support sensory work across the disciplines focusing on sensory methodologies, practices, and histories.

Key aims and expertise

Its aim is to support sensory work across the disciplines with an especial focus on sensory methodologies, practices, and histories. 

NSSN is also working on the development of a sensory research ‘tool kit’ and is interested in pursuing the epistemological questions that inhere with sensory investigations, e.g. what constitutes data for sensory research? How does the sensorium register change? How is it possible to research moods, rhythms, atmospheres and sensory intensities? What kinds of methods and technologies are needed to conduct sensory research? 



Past Events, Conferences and Workshops



Music, Noise and Silence
Co-investigator, James Mansell (Culture, Film and Media)

Acoustics on Display: Collecting and Curating Sound at the Science Museum,
Principal-investigator, James Mansell (Culture, Film and Media)


Nottingham Sensory Studies Network

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telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5757