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Marek Korczynski

Professor of Sociology of Work and Human Resource Management, Faculty of Social Sciences


Recent Publications

  • STROBAEK, P and KORCZYNSKI, M, 2017. Client abuse to Public Welfare Workers: Theoretical Framework and Critical Incident Case Study Sociology. (In Press.)
  • PAYNE, J, KORCZYNSKI, M and CLULEY, R, 2017. Hearing music in service interactions: A theoretical and empirical analysis Human Relations. (In Press.)
  • CHERTKOVSKAYA, K, KORCZYNSKI, M and TAYLOR, S, 2017. The consumption of work: presentations of the meaning of work at the UK University Organization. (In Press.)
  • JIANG, Z and KORCZYNSKI, M, 2016. When the 'unorganizable' organize: The collective mobilization of migrant domestic workers in London. Human Relations. 69(3), pp. 813-838
  • GABRIEL, Y, KORCZYNSKI, M and RIEDER, K, 2015. Organizations and their consumers: bridging work and consumption Organization. 22, pp. 629-643
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2014. Songs of the Factory: Pop Music, Culture and Resistance Cornell University Press.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M. and EVANS, C., 2013. Customer abuse to service workers: an analysis of its social creation within the service economy Work, Employment and Society. 27(5), pp. 768-784
  • KORCZYNSKI, M., PICKERING, M. and ROBERTSON, E., 2013. Rhythms of labour: music at work in Britain Cambridge University Press.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2013. Touching moments: an analysis of the skillful search for dignity within body work interactions. In: Body/Sex/Work - intimate, embodied and sexualised labour Palgrave-Macmillan. pp. 28-42
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2013. The point of selling: capitalism, consumption and contradictions. In: CLULEY, R, ed., New Directions in Critical Marketing Studies sage - London.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M and OTT, U, 2013. Sales work under marketization: the social relations of the cash Nexus?. In: TADAJEWSKI, M and CLULEY, R, eds., New Directions in Critical Marketing Studies Sage - London.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M and EVANS, C, 2013. Customer abuse to service workers: an analysis of its social creation within the service economy. In: TADAJEWSKI, M and CLULEY, R, eds., International Perspectives on Marketing Theory Sage - London.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2011. The point of selling: Capitalism, consumption and contradictions. In: ALVESSON, M and WILLMOTT, H, eds., Critical Management Studies Sage.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M., 2011. The dialectical sense of humour: routine joking in a Taylorized factory Organization Studies. 32(10), 1421-39
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  • NICKSON, D and KORCZYNSKI, M, 2009. Aesthetic Labour, emtional labour and masculinity Gender, Work and Organization. 16(3), pp. 291-299
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2009. The mystery customer: Continuing absences in the sociology of service work Sociology. 43(5), pp. 952-967
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2009. Understanding Contradictions within the Lived Experience of Service Workers: The Customer-Oriented Bureaucracy. In: KORCZYNSKI, M and MACDONALD, C, eds., Service Work: Critical Perspectives New York: Routledge. pp. 73-90
  • KORCZYNSKI, M and MACDONALD, C, 2009. Service work and critical perspectives: An introduction. In: KORCZYNSKI, M and MACDONALD, C, eds., Serivce Work: Critical Perspectives New York: Routledge. pp. 1-10
  • ROBERTSON, E, PICKERING, M and KORCZYNSKI, M, 2008. And Spinning so with Voices Meet, Like Nightingales they Sung Full Sweet: Unravelling Representations of Singing in Pre-Industrial Textile Production Cultural and Social History. 5(1), pp. 11-31
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, PICKERING, M and ROBERTSON, E, 2008. The last British work songs: Music, Class and Community in the Kent hop fields of the early and middle twentieth century Management and Organizational History. 3(1), pp. 81-102
  • KORCZYNSKI, M and TYLER, M, 2008. The Introduction: The Contradictions of Consumption at the Point of Service Delivery Journal of Consumer Culture. 8(3), pp. 307-320
  • KORCZYNSKI, M and BISHOP, V, 2008. The Job Center: Abuse, Violence and Fear on the Front Line, Implications of the Risk of the Enchanting Myth of Customer Sovereignty. In: FINEMAN, S, ed., Emotions in Organizations: Critical Voices Oxford: Blackwell. pp. 74-87
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, HODSON, R and EDWARDS, P, eds., 2006. Social Theory at Work Oxford University Press.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2002. Human Resource Management in Service Work Palglrave/Macmillan Basingstoke.
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2001. Stayin Alive on the Factory Floor: An Ethography of the dialectics of music use in the workplace Poetics. 39(2), pp. 87-106
  • KORCZYNSKI, M, 2001. The Dialectical Sense of Humour: Routine Joking in a Taylorized Factory Organization Studies. 32(10), pp. 1421-40
  • FRENKEL, S, J, KORCZYNSKI, M, SHIRE, K, A and TAM, M, 1999. on the front line - Organization of Work in the Information Economy Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London.

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