Powertrain Research Centre

The PRC is a key UK Centre of Excellence for Automotive Propulsion R&D. We work closely with industry on multiple aspects of related thermofluids research covering:

  • Powertrain and vehicle thermal management
  • IC engine combustion, performance, fuel economy and emissions (light and heavy duty, automotive and stationary genset)
  • Advanced liquid and gaseous fuels (hydrogen, natural gas, dual fuel, biofuels, synthetic fuels)


  • Powertrain systems efficiency and integration (conventional ICE, hybrid & BEV)
  • Automotive energy recovery (thermal and kinetic; thermo-electric, ORC, thermo-acoustic, KERS, hydraulic)
  • Automotive particulate emissions characterisation and control (not only powertrain, but brakes and tyres also)
  • Vehicle and powertrain simulation (commercial packages such as GT-SUITE and ANSYS and bespoke in-house tools for systems integration and battery thermal management)

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Powertrain Research Centre

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