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Can you help our new ground-breaking study to try and identify a new method of diagnosing asthma


Biomarkers of ASM activation (BioASMA)

We are now recruiting for a ground-breaking new study to try and identify a new method of diagnosing asthma, funded by Asthma UK.

We know that making a correct diagnosis of asthma is very important, but there is currently no blood test for asthma. We will be comparing blood and breathing tests from individuals with Asthma to those from individuals who don’t have Asthma to see if we can find a unique chemical signature.

Ultimately, finding such a signature will help Asthma researchers develop a blood test for Asthma and, in the long-run, may even help develop better targeted treatments.

The research Chief Investigator is Dr Dominick Shaw and is titled Biomarkers of ASM activation (BioASMA)

If you would like any further information please ring Dr Ireti Adejumo on: 0115 8231935 or email


Posted on Thursday 1st March 2018

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