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Dairy herd health

Within the Ruminant Population Health Research Group, one of our key research themes is dairy herd health. We have a large group of researchers conducting important new work in this field, combining wide-ranging experience in dairy herd health and epidemiology.

Together, we aim to improve the health and welfare of dairy cows by conducting research of international quality and translating that research onto farm and into veterinary practice. We do this by working closely with the dairy industry – understanding its challenges, sharing knowledge and enhancing the value of our research by turning it into valuable practical resources.

We’re proud to be making a powerful impact on animal welfare and farm sustainability as well as helping the industry save millions of pounds, every year.

Research that’s making an impact

Research into bovine mastitis

Exploring the diagnosis, treatment and control of mastitis in dairy cattle, reducing its occurrence and widespread antibiotic use.


Reducing lameness in dairy cattle

Furthering our understanding of the prevention and treatment of the lesions of claw horn disruption, and the role of inflammation in the development of lameness.


Improving fertility in UK dairy herds

Improving understanding of the factors influencing herd-level reproductive performance and creating a body of knowledge for farmers and vets.


Profitable, effective and sustainable environments for dairy cattle: The future of dairy cow housing

Optimising the housed environment of dairy cows to improve their health, welfare, fertility and productivity.

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