Ruminant Population Health

Stakeholder views and decision making in ruminant health

Today’s livestock industry is facing a continually evolving, highly complex set of challenges. Understanding the attitudes of stakeholders – from farmers and vets to retailers and consumers – on issues like animal health, welfare and production systems is crucial to securing a strong, sustainable future.

Within the Ruminant Population Health Research Group, our experts are exploring stakeholder perspectives and decision-making, using multidisciplinary approaches that combine sociology, psychology, economics and consumer science.

Research that’s making an impact

Farmer-led Epidemic and Endemic Disease-management (FEED)

Exploring the impact of farmer-led control on livestock disease outbreaks in order to develop effective control strategies.


Farmer and vet decision-making on infectious disease control on dairy and sheep farms

Exploring how farmers and vets collaborate, share knowledge and make decisions around the control of infectious diseases.


Advancing pain management and the use of anti-inflammatories in cattle

Mapping the attitudes of vets and farmers towards the way cattle experience pain and the use of analgesics to relieve it.


Consumer and stakeholder perception and cultural values on dairy cow housed environment and wellbeing

As dairy herds are increasingly housed indoors, year round, we examine the attitudes of consumers and stakeholders towards this – and how they impact the industry’s future.


Antimicrobial usage on sheep and beef farms

Supporting the responsible use of antimicrobials by understanding current practices and creating clear benchmarks




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