Clinical Stroke Trials or Other Studies

Current Clinical Trials and Studies
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DASH A randomised controlled trial looking at desmopressin for the reversal of anti-platelet drugs in stroke due to haemorrhage. Platelets are what make our blood stickier and helps in forming clots. Sometimes patients take anti-platelet drugs to help reduce the likelihood of clots forming and therefore reduce the chance of a stroke. However, sometimes as a result of taking anti-platelet drugs, patients can be at risk of a cerebral haemorrhage or a bleed in the brain. This can be life threatening. This trial is looking at whether desmopressin can work to reverse the mechanism of anti-platelet drugs when patients have a bleed in the brain and therefore restore clotting. NIHR 2018 - 2020
LACI-2 A quarter of ischaemic strokes are lacunar (small vessel) yet there is no proven treatment. Cilostazol and isosorbide mononitrate are licensed drugs used in cardiac disease. This study is looking at the efficacy of these drugs (combined and alone). This study is also concerned with collecting data on the tolerability and safety of the drugs. British Heart Foundation 2018 - 2020

Rates, Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia (R4VaD)

Post stroke cognitive impairment (PSCI) is very common, however there is limited data to understand what the risk factors are. This study is looking at determining rates for PSCI and dementia for up to two years after stroke. Better understanding of the risk factors and profile would allow for better identification, management and treatment of vascular cognitive diseases.

The Alzheimer’s Society, British Heart Foundation, Dementias Platform UK & The Stroke Association 2017 - 2022
  PRECIOUS   (Prevention of complications to improve outcome in elderly patients with acute stroke)   

Randomised controlled trial in which patients are randomised to either or any combination of Ceftriaxone*, Paracetamol, Metoclopramide or SOC.

*We are not running the ceftriaxone arm here at NUH.

Elderly patients are at the highest risk of complications after stroke such as, infections and fever. These drugs are known to be effective at preventing fever and infection. And metoclopramide is effective in managing dysphagia. This study is looking at whether these drugs can be effective at improving functional outcome at 90 days.

  BASC  BASC (Blood Pressure in Acute Stroke Collaboration) is an international collaborative project with the aim of producing a set of systematic reviews relating to the best management of blood pressure (including hypertension and hypotension) in patients with acute stroke.  UK NHS Executive South Thames & UK NHS Executive Trent  1996 -


Previous Clinical Stroke Trials and Studies
   Description Funder Date

Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl trinitrate in Hypertensive stroke Trial 2

Wiki Journal Club

British Heart Foundation 2015 - 2018

Tranexamic acid for hyperacute primary Intracerebral Haemorrhage (TICH-2)

Trial findings published in The Lancet

NIHR HTA 2013 - 2017

The EuroHyp-1 trial is a pan-European, open, randomised, phase III clinical trial which will assess the benefit of therapeutic cooling in adult patients with acute ischaemic stroke.

European Commission 2013 - 2018
LACI-1 Lacunar Intervention Trial 1 (LACI-1) University of Edinburgh 2016 - 2017
STEMS-3 Stem Cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Stroke 3 (STEMS-3) Research for Patient Benefits, NIHR 2011 - 2013
PODCAST Prevention Of Decline in Cognition After Stroke Trial (PODCAST): a factorial randomised controlled trial of blood pressure and lipid lowering The Stroke Association & The Alzheimer's Society 2010 - 2014

Triple Antiplatelets for Reducing Dependency after Ischaemic Stroke

Trial findings published in The Lancet

Trial findings published in the HTA journal

Wiki Journal Club

British Heart Foundation 2009 - 2017
TICH A randomised controlled trial of tranexamic acid in Intracerebral Haemorrhage (TICH) University of Nottingham 2010 - 2013
RIGHT Rapid Intervention with GTN in Hypertensive stroke Trial (RIGHT) Nottingham University Hospitals Charity 2010 - 2012
STEMS-2 Stem cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Stroke 2(STEMS 2) pilot randomised controlled trial Medical Research Council 2006 - 2008
STEMS A randomised placebo-controlled pilot trial of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in mobilising bone marrow stem cells in sub-acute stroke: the ‘Stem cell Trial of recovery EnhanceMent after Stroke’ (STEMS) pilot study The Stroke Association 2003 - 2005

A prospective, international, multicentre, randomised, parallel-group, blinded, controlled, collaborative, factorial trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of treatment with transdermal glyceryl trinitrate, a nitric oxide donor, and of stopping or continuing prior antihypertensive therapy, in patients with acute stroke (ISRCTN99414122)

Trial findings published in The Lancet

Medical Research Council 2001 - 2013


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