Our research

EcoSocieties is a creative and internationally leading cluster for research excellence on ecological transitions and ecological approaches to social issues. 

Examining the socio-political, cultural and scientific design of radical ecological transformations in contemporary societies, our research sits at the intersection of the sciences, engineering, social sciences and the humanities and creates transformational engagements that have concrete impacts on the diverse communities and audiences that are involved.

Our work aims to promote global ecological and social justice across varied contexts and environments, and examines the following distinct topics:

  1. Resilient infrastructures: the study of sustainable transitions in relation to climate change policy and technology; energy and low carbon conversions; an ecological approach to infrastructures of health and mental health.
  2. Sustainable bioeconomies: the study of sustainable materials and processes including green chemical technologies, circular economies, engineering biology, food resilience, agri-food system transitions and valorisation of waste.
  3. Human-nonhuman relations: the ethics of interspecies relations; investigating every day and research relations to animals and microbes in science, medicine, agriculture, and society; the interrelationship between human and animal health and wellbeing.
  4. Geo- and biodiversity: syntheses of biodiversity–geodiversity relationships; reparation and restoration of geo- and biodiversity; the link between geo-, bio- and socio-cultural diversity; explore social processes in ecological perspective.
  5. Green digital ecologies: socio-ecological and urban analytics of novel technologies, in particular remote and in situ sensing data, Internet of Things governance, algorithmic culture, green AI and artificial systems.
  6. Eco-citizenship: explore the co-construction of science and society, in particular responsible research & innovation, participatory science, ecological movements and civic involvement, decolonial knowledge, community technoscience.

Our impact

EcoSocieties involves academics from diverse disciplines and explores creative and disruptive approaches to real-world problems. We investigate emerging topics by supporting ground-breaking pilot research as well as the development of external research funding bids. We promote international subject-specific and domain-specific collaborations, organise explorative workshops, conferences and sandpit events - we are also developing a transdisciplinary methodologies lab. Beyond academic research, we strive to engage multiple audiences and partners, developing novel approaches to community and public participation in complex socio-ecological issues.

Our university

Our university is a centre of research excellence in sustainable sciences and technologies in a multiplicity of disciplines and fields. We are building upon existing research strengths to expand our capabilities and support novel collaborations across the university and beyond. EcoSocieties is a research space that facilitates reflexivity and involvement, promotes responsible research and innovation and enables international collaborations across the global south and north.

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