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Technological innovations for health and wellbeing brings together internationally leading expertise, to bring cutting-edge science into clinical practice for patient benefit.

The Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC) is an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty centre for innovative imaging in experimental and translational medicine, bringing together researchers who develop new medical imaging techniques with clinicians and scientists who use them. 

Learn more about SPMIC research in medical imaging.

The Centre for Healthcare Technologies (CHT) is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, incorporating CHEATA. We bring together academics, clinicians, patients and the med-tech industry, to tackle healthcare challenges, driving innovative ideas and cutting edge science into clinical practice.

It brings together all the University’s healthcare technologies capabilities including

  • Sensing and imaging: tools for diagnostics, detection and monitoring
  • Manufacture of drugs, tissue scaffolds and other biomaterials
  • Medical device design and manufacture
  • Devices for novel treatments and patient care
  • Digital health, modelling, machine learning and AI, data analysis

More about the CHT healthcare technologies capabilities is available here.

The cluster is led by Professor Penny Gowland and Professor Steve Morgan.

Contact Dr Tanya McCallum at for further information.

Our impact

Innovative Technologies for Health and Wellbeing has impact at its core. We aim to address healthcare challenges set by our clinical partners in the NHS, for patient benefit, and to support these technologies in their journey to clinical adoption. From the Nobel-winning invention of MRI and its world-class developments, to our healthcare spin-out companies, we have a strong track record in delivering patient benefit, with numerous technologies already embedded in health provision worldwide. We have developed new diagnostic techniques, pioneered new treatments and have helped to better understand diseases and other health conditions and how to treat them more effectively, more safely and at lower cost.

Our University

Our University is a centre of research excellence in a multiplicity of disciplines and fields. We are building upon existing research strengths to expand our capabilities and support novel collaborations across the University and beyond.

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