Health and Safety

University Emergency Procedures

Please see below the general University Emergency Procedures. You should find out the exact procedures for your place of work and be aware of procedures for other University buildings you visit.

In the event of fire or accident involving injury to a person or damage to property follow the directions set out below. These directions apply specifically to the University Park, Jubilee, Medical School, Sutton Bonington and King's Meadow Campuses and the Clinical Sciences Building at City Hospital. At other locations the appropriate local arrangements should be followed.

When calling emergency services state clearly where the service is required, i.e. building name, floor number and laboratory or room number. Also give your name. To prevent misunderstanding, ask for the message to be read back.


On Discovering a Fire:

    1. Raise the alarm by operating the nearest break glass call point.
    2. Dial 8888 on the nearest internal telephone stating the location of the fire. (In Medical School & embedded units at QMC/City Hospital dial 2222)
    3. Tackle the fire with nearest appropriate extinguisher only if safe to do so and your escape route is clear.

On Hearing the Alarm:

    1. Leave the building immediately (with the exception of the Medical School). Do not use a lift and do not stop to collect personal belongings. (In the Medical School you should remain where you are unless there are signs of smoke or fire or if you are instructed to evacuate by someone in authority).
    2. Close all doors and windows when leaving.
    3. In buildings operating the fire token procedure, the first member of staff to pass a fire token should remove it and check the rooms to which it refers to confirm that the zone has been cleared.
    4. Report to your assembly point.

Accident/Ill-Health/Medical Emergency

In a medical emergency (imminent risk to life) staff should call an ambulance (999) and then inform security (0115 951 8888) that an ambulance has been called.  (Within embedded units at QMC & City dial 2222 for all medical emergencies).

For less serious injuries that require medical attention the injured person should attend the Accident and Emergency Department at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. Where minor injuries have been sustained a first aider should be summoned. Lists of local first aiders and contact details are displayed in the buildings.

Medical Emergency Procedure

Numbers to Remember

8888 Emergencies 
0115 951 8888  Emergencies (mobile/external)
13013 Security
13401 Health and Safety Department
14329 Occupational Health
0115 846 8888 Cripps Health Centre
16666 Estate Office Help Desk
0115 951 6666 Estate Office Help Desk (mobile/external)

Health and Safety Department

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